“..Thanks once again for all your help getting me in and out of Pittsburgh. You are a superb organizer. I wish we had someone like you up here.”
Harvard University
Dept. of Government


“…I did want to congratulate you on a very smoothly-run conference, and to thank you for taking the time and personal interest to give the whole operation a warmth and friendliness that made for constructive , amiable conversation.”
University of CA
Santa Barbara


“…appreciated all the high-quality work for you did for us;…we know who to turn to for outstanding help with all events.”
Am. Intellectual Property Law Association


“…thank you for your hard work and dedication…I was especially impressed with your negotiation and mediating skills…”
FIRST Robotics Competitions


“…The logistics of the conference could not have been put together without the talents of Renee Abrams, who handled all matters pertaining to the conference flawlessly.”
Researching the Presidency
Published by the University of Pittsburgh Press

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Email: reneabrams@aol.com

Phone: 412-363-3112